They’re Still Talking in February! Five Corporate Holiday Party Must-Haves

“You serious, Clark?” It’s the happiest time of the year, and the time to host a corporate holiday party your business colleagues and office mates will talk about well into the New Year. Well versed in the manner of a sophisticated soiree, Electric Events DC identified the top five must-haves for any corporate holiday party in 2017.

Have a Christmas… office vacation with the Griswolds. Or design an elegant affair set in a snowy wonderland. Plan a menu that is thoughtfully tailored to suit the theme and formality of the event, and the right event management partner can provide furniture and appointments to really bring your vision to the venue.
Props when you get people talking and laughing, and interacting with the entertainment. Props, get it? A photobooth is a fun activity all guests will love. Kick your theme up a notch with the Magic Mirror Photobooth from Electric Events DC; invite your guests to pause in a 360-degree space for a movie-themed selfie as snow falls all around.
Roll out the red carpet and give your guests another opportunity to feel like a VIP with an attractive step-and-repeat and paparazzi at the ready. Donned in their winter’s finest (or an ugly sweater?) you want to create for them an experience that is Insta-worthy. Snap that. Snapchat offers businesses and corporate party planners the opportunity to create geofilters for complete social media integration.
There’s little more significant to the look and feel of a corporate event space than the lighting. An exquisitely crafted lighting design plan will take into consideration the mood and tone of each client’s holiday party locale, theme and guest list. LEDs are often used to style a sophisticated scene, while bright, bold colors create holiday cheer. “And don’t forget the reason we’re all here tonight.” Elements of lighting and event production can also be used to display your company’s name and logo; to recognize any special event partners; and to conduct any business of prizes or awards.
Remember what I said about the lights? There is something more significant than lighting, and that’s refreshments. And here is where all of our favorite corporate party event elements come together. Good food brings people together; a pretty pink cocktail — well, there you’re guaranteed a bit of cheers, clink, repeat (“made with Boomerang”). And to make a statement with the bar, you’ll need lighting and décor.

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