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There’s no doubt that entertainment can make or break your special celebration. Our talented staff have energetic, dynamic personalities that make your guests feel comfortable and loose so they want to participate. By keeping excitement on the dance floor, our MC’s and DJs attract your guests to the action, ensuring they join in the fun, not just stand around watching a canned performance. That’s what leads to an unforgettable party.


Meet our MCs + DJs

Each of our MC’s, or Masters of Ceremony, have an uncanny ability to connect to your guests on a personal level, maintain high energy throughout the event, and encourage all of your guests to cut loose and have fun on the dance floor. But it’s their attention to detail, passion at your event, and personal connection that separates our talented MC’s from all the others.

MC Russell

Smooth. Electrifying. Professional. MC Russell defines Mitzvah MC. Unbelievable breakdancing skills, a magnetic personality, and more charisma than Justin Timberlake make him the perfect choice for a non-stop celebration. Having toured the country for some of the most high-end events and showcases, he brings nearly a decade of experience to our team. Russell knows how to captivate guests of all ages while keeping the attention on your child. The result is an action-packed party you can’t find anywhere else.


MC Blake

Fun. Charismatic. Likable. You can’t help but smile when Blake’s around, and that down-to-earth approach gets everyone on the dance floor. He’s learned to keep the energy high and ego low, creating a non-stop party atmosphere without the cheesy or phony tactics. Blake will become every child’s best friend and every adult’s dancing partner, so no one feels left out. He’s the ultimate combination of youthful energy and polished experienced for a simply fun celebration.


MC Brian

Passionate. Experienced. Genuine. Ever since his Bar Mitzvah, Brian’s been in the center of the dance floor. With no formal training or experience from another company, he simply grabbed a mic and rocked a party the “right way.” Brian’s innate ability to truly connect to guests of all ages and keep the energy at its peak is what separates him from others, but it’s his understanding of how and why a party works that has made him one of the area’s most requested entertainers.


MC Marcus

Talented. Polished. Powerful. Marcus is no strange to the party scene, bringing years of experience to your celebration. He can sing. He can dance. He can act. But most importantly, he can command any crowd to join the action, leaving virtually no one in their seats. Marucs knows the party isn’t about him, and his humble approach focuses on the guest of hnor, his or her friends, and all of your family. The result is an unforgettable and personal celebration that never stops moving.


MC Todd

Engaging. Energetic. Down to Earth. Todd-opoly was his Bar Mitzvah theme…what else do you need to know?! MC Todd began his career because he was always the life of the party. He’s natural, talented, outgoing, and Jewish: the perfect combination for the ultimate party-starter. Todd’s strength isn’t just getting everyone on the dance floor. He also excels at keeping the party moving by understanding the intricacies of a once-in-a-lifetime Simcha. You’ll never want the night to end with MC Todd at the helm.


MC Pete

Charming. High-Energy. Dedicated. Since joining our team from his start in NY, Pete has revitalized what it means to be a Bar Mitzvah MC.  He's cool and collected with a magnetic personality, but what really separates him is how much he genuinely cares about the success of your party.  He has that NY flair but with DC humility: a combination that creates a warm, fun, and high-energy celebration focused on your friends, family, and most importantly, your child.


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