We have partnered with Derick Associates to offer you a great way to reduce operational costs and improve guest and client comfort through the extremely low cost purchase of LED bulbs. The deal is so good that we felt we needed to share this information with you as quickly as possible before the rebate money is gone.

All of the below LED light bulbs are available:

To maximize savings, we will:
  1. Work with you to announce the program and to encourage large purchases to maximize savings
  2. Identify all locations needing LED bulbs including guest rooms and common areas.
  3. Prepare an accurate total of shapes and color temperature of all bulbs to be used  (most common bulbs are standard A19 shape, but all bulb shapes qualify)
  4. Act as your agent with PEPCO
  5. Complete all PEPCO paperwork and to submit all rebate requests to PEPCO
  6. Accept assignment of rebates eliminating up front expenses
  7. Reduce LED lamp costs to the lowest possible numbers based on the rules of the PEPCO Instant Discount program

Call today to ask us how we can help you get energy efficient LED lighting installed at an incredible savings.